Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 1941, Week 2

Mar. 8
Sat - Was sick most of the nite & today
Joe was home for dinner. Did bake two pies today.

Mar. 9
Sun - Joe & I went to Sunday School this a.m. Wnt up to Walter & Ednas & Paul & Helens after dinner. Went to church tonite. Found out that Helen W. & Lucile P, had both been here while we were gone this afternoon.

Mar. 10
Mon - Warm & rainy. Joe was in town all day. Mildred & Gwennie were here a few minutes this afternoon. I guess Mom & Snooky went home with them -- Wished for someone to come in tonite, but none did. Got my studio couch today.

Mar. 11
Tues - Snow & blizzard although not so cold. Washed some hand washing --- Putchy came home this morning since Mom wasn't home to let him in --- he caught a big rat in the cob bin -- Helen spent the evening here.

Mar. 12
Wed - I mopped the kitchen, ironed, & swept and dusted. Made a trip to town this evening -- Joe didnt get home till 9:37 I laid on the new daveno & ate candy & read Rachel Fields "All this, and heaven, too"

Mar. 13
Thurs- Cleaned up the house. Helen Parks was here this afternoon. Putchy found his way home again tonite -- Have felt bad all week. Joe didn't get home until after eleven tonite.

Mar. 14
Fri - Robins are thick outside -- a lovely day
Feel sickish - Joe stayed home until noon -- Came home early tonite and we went to the show and saw 'One night in the tropics".

"All This, and Heaven Too" by Rachel Field was a best selling historical romance published in 1938. It was based on a real murder case in France involving a love triangle between a governess, her employer, and his wife.

"One Night in the Tropics" was a comedy musical that also happened to be the movie debut of the famous Abbott and Costello comic duo. It was also the first time the immortal "Who's on First?" skit was put on film.

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