Monday, March 18, 2013

March 1941, Week 3

Mar. 15
Sat - Mildred Maxwell cam in before we had breakfast. Richardsons here this afternoon
Joe went to get me some medicine today, and Dr. Humphreys thinks I may be pregnant. Joe is tickled pink.
Snowed a wet snow last nite.

Mar. 16
Sun -Laid around sick all day and not a soul came in. Mrs Brown came over to see why the water was frozen up. It turned cold. Joe won $5.00 on a basketball lottery.

Mar. 17
Mon - 6° this a.m. Joe styed home with me until afternoon because I felt so tough
Helen was here this afternoon, & stopped again tonite. Joe was out to McClaskeys tonite.

Mar. 18
Tues - Still cold. I went out to Helens & stayed today. Joe & Mr. Wolf didn't get back until 11:00 tonite from Inp'lis. Snooky stayed with me until 10:00 o'clock tonite.

Mar. 19
Wed - A nice day, but I've been so sick. Snooky was here this afternoon & Edna Leach. -- Mom & Snooky were here tonite. Joe got in about 8:30

Mar. 20
Thurs - Went to Ladoga to Joes dad. Aunt Minnie (from Ky) & Raleigh were there & Lillian & Bob. Felt sqeamish. Went to Dr Gross after dinner. I guess I am pregnant. I'm just simply petrified; I'm so scared. Fraid I wont come thru.

Mar. 21
Fri - Snooky was here & worked, this a.m. I walked out to Helens with them this p.m. to keep from being alone. Feel terrible. Aunt Vyda & Florence came tonite. How I wish I could feel better.

Inp'lis has to be short for Indianapolis.

It's interesting to read about the pregnancy and Mamie's fears. Of course it had a happy ending with my father's birth in November, but the terror over things going wrong is palpable in the March 20th entry. Feeling that ill had to raise worries.

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