Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 1941, Week 4

Mar. 22
Sat - Snooky was here this morning. Went out to Helens, with the aunts & mom this afternoon. Was awfully sick tonite. No one realizes how awfully sick I am, not even Joe.

Mar. 23
Sun - I didn't feel like S.S or church. Joe took me out riding along Sugar Creek, and it seemed spring-like. Oh, if I could only feel like myself once more!

Mar. 24
Mon - Snooky is going to stay here for a while. Walked down to moms this afternoon. Have tootache tonite. I feel like Hell

Mar. 25
Tues - Snooky & I walked out to Helens & I took a bath. Believe I feel a tiny bit better, but my tooth hurt. Was awake nearly all nite with this filled tooth hurting. Just suffered awful

Mar. 26
Wed - Joe took me to the dentist at C'Ville. He took an ex-ray. Told me what to use, hot salt water. We went to Ladoga & out to Marys; I used it & got relief. We stayed for supper.

Mar. 27
Thur - My sick stomach came back on me today
Letter from aunt Nena - Snooky came and did my work. Helen Parks came by for  me to go to the show, but I didnt feel like going. Snooky stayed all nite.

Mar. 28
Fri - Mildred & Mom & Helen came in a few minutes this evening. I feel worse than ever. Had to miss the Sunday School party tonite. Joe went & I guess they had a good time.

C'Ville is Crawfordsville. 

I can't help identifying with Mamie's feelings about being sick. People are so wrapped up in their lives that they simply don't notice others sufferings.

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