Monday, April 29, 2013

April 1941, Week One

Apr. 1
Tues - Mom, Snooky, Helen & Ab went to uncle Carls funeral today. I was by myself all day and until midnite tonite. Joe has sold $7000 of Life ins. last nite & tonite.

Apr. 2
Wed - Felt bad all day. Snooky  came & cleaned up the house. Wnt down to moms this afternoon & went to bed. I wish I felt better. This is awful

Apr. 3
Thurs -  It rained. Snooky & I walked out to Helens this afternoon. I ate two bowls of soup. Went to moms for supper & ate a T Bone steak. We saw Tin Pan Alley with Alice Faye, Betty Grable, John Oayne, Jack Okie

Apr. 4
Fri - Was by myself all day. Snooky & mom helped Helen clean house
Went down to moms for supper.
Joe came after me about 8:00

Apr. 5
[Sat.] - Snooky cleaned up the house & then ironed this afternoon. She & mom wer here for dinner & supper. I felt better. Mrs Gray & Mrs Brown called on me.

Apr. 6
[Sun] - Worse again. Went down to moms for co-op dinner. Mom went to Mr Jennings funeral. Mrs.W (can't make out the name - Patrick) Weliever came to see mom, and old neighbor of 25 yrs ago --

Apr. 7
Mon - Snooky here this a.m, to help. Letter from Mrs Jones. -- Snooky & I walked to the covered bridge after dinner. A beautiful day. Mom out to Helen. Mildred was here. We got books from the library & read tonite.

Mamie must have felt too ill to go to the funeral since she was so fond of Uncle Carl. It looks like moving out has helped the relationship with her mother a great deal.

Tin Pan Alley was a 1940 musical set during WWI. This was typical fare of the era and even the smallest of towns had a movie theater of some kind. Darlington's was a tiny one!


  1. Hi Patrick
    I started reading Mamie's diary (arriving here after visiting your spam page). I skipped to the beginning and then jumped back to the top to read down... going backwards in time. When is your dad born? Does her diary writing slow down once she has a baby? Are you entering the 1941 pages as they correlate to 2013 months? Anyway, it's a wonderful idea. - Lil

    1. Lil - No Mamie did not slow down, I dropped the ball due to juggling too many things at once. If all goes well today, I should have another entry up today. I also need to redesign the site and get some photos scanned for that.

      My dad will be born in November and it would be nice if I got that time period posted before his birthday!