Sunday, July 21, 2013

April 1941, Week Two

Apr. 8
Tues - A warm day. I took my dinner & went down to moms to cook it. After dinner we helped clean up the yard where Uncle Dan had cleaned cut the trees. Letter from  George B. from Niagara Falls. Joe got home about 8 tonite.

Apr. 9
Wed - Letter from Ethel. A nice day
Went to the pre-Easter services at the church tonite. Afterward went with Lucile to Mildred & Wendys to pay respects to Austin Maxwell.

Apr. 10
Thurs - Joe & I went to the creek & looked around this a.m. & to Ladoga this afternoon. Visited Ethel, Mrs Jones & Mrs Gich. Ate Supper at Ethels
It was a beautiful day.

Apr. 11
Fri -  Dad passed away  4 years ago today.
We went fishing & caught a few undersize sunfish & threw them back. Came home & ate dinner. Laid down after dinner. Went to Easter services tonite. Mom, Snooks & Lucille P.  came home with me. Lucile Stayed until 11:00 o'clock

Apr. 12
Sat -  A beautiful, warm day. Had the house open. Cleaned up the house & ironed. We went after greens. Mom, Snooks & I went to see 'Chad Hanna'. Smith came in the show
Joe was at Abs Place. I came home with him.

Apr. 13
Sun - Easter
Went to S.S. & church [102 at S.S.] It was actually hot. To moms for dinner. To the woods with Helen and Joe Parks. Came home & went  to C'Ville for "double-dips". They spent the evening here. Boy, but I'm sore & tired tonite.

Apr. 14
Mon- Went down to Moms today. It is still warm. Mildred & Windy have been here twice when we weren't home. Mildred came down tonite. She doesnt feel very well.

Chad Hanna was a 1940 circus melodrama set in 1840's upstate New York and starred Henry Fonda and Dorothy Lamour.

Mamie was referring to attendance at Sunday school rather than the temperature when she wrote 102. That's impressive for a small town church even in the more religious times of the early 20th Century.

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