Monday, April 29, 2013

April 1941, Week One

Apr. 1
Tues - Mom, Snooky, Helen & Ab went to uncle Carls funeral today. I was by myself all day and until midnite tonite. Joe has sold $7000 of Life ins. last nite & tonite.

Apr. 2
Wed - Felt bad all day. Snooky  came & cleaned up the house. Wnt down to moms this afternoon & went to bed. I wish I felt better. This is awful

Apr. 3
Thurs -  It rained. Snooky & I walked out to Helens this afternoon. I ate two bowls of soup. Went to moms for supper & ate a T Bone steak. We saw Tin Pan Alley with Alice Faye, Betty Grable, John Oayne, Jack Okie

Apr. 4
Fri - Was by myself all day. Snooky & mom helped Helen clean house
Went down to moms for supper.
Joe came after me about 8:00

Apr. 5
[Sat.] - Snooky cleaned up the house & then ironed this afternoon. She & mom wer here for dinner & supper. I felt better. Mrs Gray & Mrs Brown called on me.

Apr. 6
[Sun] - Worse again. Went down to moms for co-op dinner. Mom went to Mr Jennings funeral. Mrs.W (can't make out the name - Patrick) Weliever came to see mom, and old neighbor of 25 yrs ago --

Apr. 7
Mon - Snooky here this a.m, to help. Letter from Mrs Jones. -- Snooky & I walked to the covered bridge after dinner. A beautiful day. Mom out to Helen. Mildred was here. We got books from the library & read tonite.

Mamie must have felt too ill to go to the funeral since she was so fond of Uncle Carl. It looks like moving out has helped the relationship with her mother a great deal.

Tin Pan Alley was a 1940 musical set during WWI. This was typical fare of the era and even the smallest of towns had a movie theater of some kind. Darlington's was a tiny one!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 1941, End

Mar. 29
Sat - Got up & moped all day. Did bake two pies for tomorrow - for company. -- Got word that dear uncle Carl Rudolph passed away today. It just makes me heartsick
We loved him so much.

Mar. 30
Sun - Joes dad & Mary here. Had ham loaf - pea salad - scalloped potatoes - green beans & peach pie. After dinner we went to the park & old mill. Made ice cream in the evening, & played cards.

Mar. 31
Mon - Had mom & Snooky for dinner, to help eat up leftovers. Feel awful. Went down to moms for the evening. Joe didn't come & I walked the floor. At 2:20 Snooky & I walked up home & found him in bed. Had been since 11:30 Grrrrrrr!
Rev. Strawmeyer called to see how I was.

Now I'm curious about Carl Rudolph since this is the first I've heard about him outside of being a name in the family tree.

Joe was not Mr. Sensitive and that is an understatement.

March 1941, Week 4

Mar. 22
Sat - Snooky was here this morning. Went out to Helens, with the aunts & mom this afternoon. Was awfully sick tonite. No one realizes how awfully sick I am, not even Joe.

Mar. 23
Sun - I didn't feel like S.S or church. Joe took me out riding along Sugar Creek, and it seemed spring-like. Oh, if I could only feel like myself once more!

Mar. 24
Mon - Snooky is going to stay here for a while. Walked down to moms this afternoon. Have tootache tonite. I feel like Hell

Mar. 25
Tues - Snooky & I walked out to Helens & I took a bath. Believe I feel a tiny bit better, but my tooth hurt. Was awake nearly all nite with this filled tooth hurting. Just suffered awful

Mar. 26
Wed - Joe took me to the dentist at C'Ville. He took an ex-ray. Told me what to use, hot salt water. We went to Ladoga & out to Marys; I used it & got relief. We stayed for supper.

Mar. 27
Thur - My sick stomach came back on me today
Letter from aunt Nena - Snooky came and did my work. Helen Parks came by for  me to go to the show, but I didnt feel like going. Snooky stayed all nite.

Mar. 28
Fri - Mildred & Mom & Helen came in a few minutes this evening. I feel worse than ever. Had to miss the Sunday School party tonite. Joe went & I guess they had a good time.

C'Ville is Crawfordsville. 

I can't help identifying with Mamie's feelings about being sick. People are so wrapped up in their lives that they simply don't notice others sufferings.