Wednesday, March 15, 2017

June 1941, Week 1

June 1
Sun -  To Sunday School with Joe. Helen McM. brought us home in their new car. Fried chicken for dinner - Lucile Parnell here all afternoon. Joe & I drove out to the covered bridge this evening & walked along the cement road.

June 2
Mon - Rained all nite. Joe home for dinner. Felt life today. Joe & I were so thrilled. He could feel it with his hand.
Went to the church todaynite with Lucile to help get costumes ready for childrens day

June 3
Tues -  Still rainy. I cleaned the pantry & cellar room this a.m. Joe her for dinner. I walked out to Helens this p.m. Supper at Moms. She spent the evening here while Snooky went to the show. Rainy today.

June 4
Wed - Washed up the last of the 'packed' dishes
Mom scrubbed the porch & summer kitchen
Went to church with Lucile tonite, & then home to work on the costumes. Judy & Jane Cox here. Spilled prune juice all over my light coat.

June 5 16wks
Thus - Sewed on costumes. Mrs Williams came to call. Went over to Moms & washed my hair Lucile & I worked on costumes until 10:30. Helen was here & we went to the Restaurant for sandwiches. Home at 11:00. Joe came in at 12:00.

June 6
Fri -  Mrs Martz called.
Joe & I went to Ladoga. Ate dinner with his dad & Mary. Paid my monthly visit to the Dr. We came home via New Market & C'Ville. Stopped at aunt Matties. Was over to Moms tonite, while Joe went to town.

June 7
Sat - So much piled up Did the biggest part of my ironing & Snooky & I did the cleaning. Walked over to Moms after dinner, then came home & ironed some more. Mom & Snooks here for supper. Joe & I drove to Thorntown tonite.

It was a busy week with no movie going for the first time in awhile for Mamie. Once again I'm struck by the constant visiting back and forth.

The covered bridge is still a local landmark near the wasting away town of Darlington. Graffitti adorns the out of service bridge and couples apparently still go there.

Odd to read about the first signs of life out of my father over seven decades ago. I only just tumbled to the occasional number at the top of a diary page being my grandmother's way of keeping track of how far along the pregnancy was.

Ladoga is a small town south of Crawfordsville, Indiana and Darlington where they live is north of the city. There is a lot of Boone history in Ladoga according to family genealogy making me want to visit there at some point. 

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