Tuesday, April 25, 2017

June 1941, Week Two

June 8
Sun - Joe & I went to Ladoga again, & we ate dinner at his dads. Home about 4:00
Put some finishing touches to the costumes. to the church at 7:00 to help dress kids Worked at it all evening. Worn out, & nervous. Thank heavens its over

June 9
Mon - Rained last nite, & today & cool. Joe home for dinner. Went over to Moms after dinner & sewed. Stayed for supper. Mom came over & spent the evening. Joe came home & went to Guard drill. Snooky to the show.

June 10
Tues - Joe home again all morning. I baked cookies. Down to Moms after dinner, to sew. Mildred & Gwennie came to Moms & I was there for supper. Came back home at 8:30. Joe got home about 10:15.

June 11
Wed - It rained most of the day. Joe home until afternoon. Walked to Moms. They were here for supper - It poured rain tonite. We all crawled into bed until Joe came home at 9:45.

June 12 17 weeks
Thurs - Cleaned up the two bedrooms this a.m. Joe here for dinner. Walked over to Ednas today & back to Moms. Mom, Snooks & Joe here for supper. We all went to the show.
"A Girl, a guy, a gob." It was funny.

June 13
Fri - Rained again. It has rained every day this week. Joe stayed for dinner. I ironed. After dinner I took a nap. Then Walked out to Helens. Came home & baked a pie. Walked down to Moms but they hadn't got home from Helens. Joe came in at 7:30.

June 14 18
Swept & dusted the living room. Went over to Mildreds as Joe went to Stockwell. Home at noon. Got dinner & took a nap. Cleaned up the bathroom - Joe & I walked out to the park thise eve. We took hot baths tonite & went to bed early.

It looks like Mamie retroactively wrote down some of the weeks pregnant found at the top of various pages in the diary, so I don't feel as bad as I did for missing their meaning transcribing earlier entries!

Reading about her anxiety over the costumes for the kid's church play makes me wonder if kids really appreciate the effort put into such things by adults. Of course, costumes are usually very cool to kids so there is that at least.

"A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob" was a 1941 love triangle comedy starring Edmond O'Brian, Lucille Ball, and George Murphy respectively. It was produced by silent film superstar Harold Lloyd for RKO Pictures. "Gob" was slang for a sailor in the United States Navy.

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