Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 1941, Week Three

June 15
Sun - Joe & I went out to the park this a.m. & Joe helped Ab move the boat landing. Took a nap after dinner. It was awfully cold. We went to church & missed the services & baptism at the park.  Went out to Helen & Abs tonite, afterwards

June 16
Mon - Went down to Moms this a.m. & made a gown for my baby-to-be. Its sweet. Helen, Snooks, Mom & I went to see "Play Girl" tonite. It was fair. Joe came in shortly after I got home.

June 17
Tues - Joe stayed home all day. I ironed this a.m., & after dinner picked gooseberries while Joe cut weeds.  Went to Mildreds as Joe went to Stockwell this eve, & then came home at 7:15 & finished my ironing & stemmed gooseberries. Joe home about 9:00

June 18
Wed - Did some mending & canned gooseberries. Warmer.  Walked out to the park & saw Snooky & some people baptised. Stayed there for supper. Came back to Moms & listened to the Louis-Conn fight. It was thrilling, altho Conn lost.

June 19  18 Weeks
Thurs - Baked a gooseberry pie & got dinner for Joe. Mom & Snooky went to Mildreds & left their cat here. After dinner Joe & I went to Ladoga. Saw Ethel. Spent the afternoon & evening with Mary & had fried chicken for supper. Got home about 11:00.

June 20
Fri - [First letter from Jessie for months] Cleaned up the house & baked 2 pies. Felt 'tough." Joe went to Inplis. By myself all day. Mildred got Mom & Snooks home; Charley brought Ethel down. We all went to the show. Joe home at 12:15

June 21
Sat - Ethel & I walked out to Helens, to the park & back to town. We just "lazed" around. Ethel set mine & Moms & Snookys hair. Charlie came back tonite, & brought beer. We had a Beer lunch. Charlie & Ethel left at 12:15 & I just fell into bed.

"Play Girl" had to be the 1941 comedy starring Kay Francis as a gold digger getting too old for the game and training an apprentice.  From the user reviews at IMDB it appears Mamie's evaluation of the film was a universal one.

Back in the days of radio dominance as the entertainment medium in most homes, boxing was huge. It wasn't until the end of the 1970's that it began to fade away in American culture. Billy Conn was the world light heavyweight champion in 1941 who gave up his title to challenge the current heavyweight champion Joe Louis. Amazingly, the smaller Conn was beating the legendary boxer on points when he got over confident looking for a knockout in the 12th round. Instead, he ended up on the canvas in the 13th as another victim of the Brown Bomber's devastating fists.

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