Friday, February 15, 2013

Diary: January 1941

Jan. 18

Saturday... Cold & snow. We went to a surprise party on Paul McMurry tonite. Had fun.

Jan. 19
Sunday - George called Helen last nite. Helen came in & said we were to go to Joes dads to a birthday dinner. We went and had a good time. It was awfully  cold today. Came home early. Mildreds here.

Jan. 22
Wed - Putchy came back today
We had prayer meeting here tonite
I enjoyed it. Would like to start back to S. School

Jan. 23
Thursday - Joe & I are down at C'Ville taking care of uncle Johno Rouse while the went to Luciles. I sewed all day. We went over to J. Hubbles when Joe sold an insurance policy.

Jan. 24
Fri -  Awoke this a.m. to see a fairyland of snow; our first big snow. Sewed again. Aunt M & uncle J. got home about 5:00. We came to Darlington & dressed & went to a S. S. party at Lucile Parnells. Had fun.

Jan. 25
Sat - Made a big snow-man this a.m and helped with the work.

Jan. 26
Sun - Joe &7 I went to SS. this a.m. Our to Helen & Abs this afternoon, to play 'Michigan'
Ate supper there, and all of us went to church. Went back there and played cards again

Jan. 28
Tues - Lucile Parnell came down tonite; also Walter & Edna. Together with mom, we played euchre - losers get up.

Jan. 29
Wed - Helen, Paul & Kay came out tonite. We taught them to play Michigan and they were so enthused they stayed until 1:00 A.M. Joe turned the car over today slid on the ice and and a narrow escape

Jan. 30
Thurs - Putchy went away this morning again. I'm sewing. We saw 'Arise my love' with Colbert & Milland tonite. It was awfully good.

Jan. 31

Fri - I ironed this morning. Putchy still hasn't come back. I wonder whats happened? Mildred, Glenn & Gwennie here tonite.

These entries are from the earliest handwritten diary I have in my possession. It's a patchy beginning, but Mamie became more faithful making entries as time went by. This is a glimpse of life before America entered WWII and before television took over homes around the world. Socializing was a regular part of life with card playing being one of the bigger pastimes.

Without a clue what Michigan was, I turned to the Net to find out. It appears to be a form of rummy which can be highly addictive in its regular form.

Arise My Love was a comedy movie starring Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland set in fascist Spain.

Putchy was a battered old tomcat who liked to prowl the town.

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