Monday, February 18, 2013

February 1941 Week 1

Feb. 1
Sat - Worked about all day putting permanent in moms hair. Dont believe I've got a 'Putchy' any more.

Feb. 2
Sun - 'Putch' came home about 10 this a.m. Went to church. Joe worked on the car. Went out to Helen & Abe & played cards. We all went to church again tonite

Feb. 3
Mon -  We washed today and I sewed some.

Feb. 4 
Tue - We did both ironings this morning. Still sewing. We went to  Mildred & Windys tonite & played rhum. Mildred, Glenn & Gwennie were here.

Feb. 5
Wed - We saw the school production 'Jabberwock' tonite. We went with Helen. She had to play for the tap dancers. It was good.

Feb. 6
Thurs - Joe & I went to Helen & Pauls tonite but they had the flu. So we went on to Walter & Ednas, & we played euchre. It was sure cold.

Feb. 7
Joe got the car out of the garage & went to C'Ville today... Went out to Helens with mom & snooks, to dust, but Helen wanted me to go to C'Ville with her to shop. We saw Joe while there. He came home early. It was 'slick' again.

"Jabberwock" was not the much later play base on James Thurber's life, but I haven't been able to find a play from that era that matches it. Could it have been an original production at the school?

Snooks was Mamie's younger sister who went by the nickname Snookie and I named a cat after her. She had quite the life despite never leaving Darlington.

C'Ville had to be Crawfordsville, a small city/big town near Darlington.

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