Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 1941, Week 3

Feb. 15
Sat - Cleaned up part of the house today, then proceeded to chill & ache & have a slight temperature. Joe came in early Bed all day. Birthday greeting from Gishs.

Feb. 16
Sun - Went to S. School, with Helen, Mom, Snooky & Joe. Mildred Glen & Gwennie got her about 11:00 & Ab came in at noon - for our birthday dinner. Had this sinus infection this afternoon and went to bed. Felt better at Suppertime. We four went to church.

Feb. 17
Mon - Snowed last nite & we have a blizzard raging out side tonite (all day, too)
We washed, & this afternoon I cut out Helens dress, & started to take the enamel off my kitchen cabinet.

Feb. 18
Tues -  Only 7º above this a.m. We did our ironings worked on the cabinet letter from Ethel. Helen came in tonite & we practiced our trio tonite. It sounds swell.

Feb. 19
Wed -  3º this a.m. Went out to Helens & sewed on her dress. We went to C'Ville this afternoon for a little while. Came home & dusted. Wanted to go to the armory tonite to see the Radio Stars but Joe didn't get home until 8 & it was too cold to walk.

Feb. 20
Thurs -  Cut out my suit jacket this a.m. Helen Gerry came out about 1:00 for me to up & do some altering. Came home & sewed until 9 o clock. Mr. Partlow was here. Mom went to C'Ville & Lafayette with him.

Feb. 21
Fri - Sewing this a.m. Adah brought out some more things to do. Went out to Helens this p.m. to sew. Mildred, Glen & Gwennie came for a while. Finished Gerys things & they came for them. Joe passed his insurance test today.

It has been interesting typing these diary entries up during an equally cold February, but I live in Minnesota not the much warmer Indiana! 

Papa Joe, as we grandchildren called Joe, was an insurance salesman until he retired -- if I remember correctly. The last entry appears to be the beginnings of his getting involved with that business, but I'm unclear what he was doing at the time. I know that he worked at a factory during the war, so perhaps future entries will shed some light.

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