Friday, February 22, 2013

February 1941, Week 2

Feb. 8
Sat - We cleaned the house thoroughly. I'm "slightly indisposed" Didn't feel like doing anything, but 'carried on'

Feb. 9
Sun - Mom & Snooks went to S.S. I didn't feel like going. Helped with dinner. Laid around all afternoon. Helen wanted us to come out this afternoon, but I didnt feel up to it

Feb. 10
Mon -  We washed and  got all the clothes dry. Mildred & Glenn, Gwennie were here tonite. Helen & Ab came in a while. Joe didn't get home until about 9:00

Feb. 11
Tues - Went to C'Ville with Joe this noon, & shopped. Went to the "Gone with the Wind" matinee. Was it swell? Gosh! We came home about 7 - I had a raging sinus headache tonite.

Feb. 12
Wed - I ironed this morning. Helen & Ab here for chicken supper. We were invited out to Helen & Abs to the prayer meeting, but Joe & I had already made arrangements to go to Helen & Pauls to play Michigan. Home at 11:30

Feb. 13
Thurs - Went to Ladoga & C'Ville with Joe
Visited with Joes dad & Mary, Ethel, Mrs Jones, Mrs Gish, & Maxine. Came home thru C'Ville, stopped at Hubbles. Went to bed sick. For my birthday Joe & Helen each gave me a blue silk gown, Snooky - pants; Mom - headkerchief

Feb. 14
Fri - Feel all sickish on this, my birthday. Greetings from Helen, Edna, Mom, Snooks, & Mary Boone. Letter from Mary Cuske. Mildred Maxwell mom, Snooks & I went to the box supper, & dedication of the organ at the church tonite. Helen played it.

I'm amazed how much traveling was done back in 1941. Also amazing is the amount of socializing that went on, it really was the main entertainment back then. 

Being sick on your birthday is no fun and Mamie would have been 33 when she wrote the last entry.

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