Monday, February 25, 2013

February 1941, Week 4

Feb. 22
Sat - We gavethe house a thorough cleaning. Washed My hair after dinner, some underwear etc -
Helen & Ab gave us some suckers & we cleaned them after supper. We played Michigan out to Helen & Abs tonite.

Feb. 23
Sun - Mom & I had a set-to -  this a.m.
As usual when two families try to live together. Went out to  Richardson & rented their house here. To church tonite & out to play cards at H. & A. Today was lots warmer. Hope it is warm Tues. when we move.

Feb. 24
Mon - I packed all day. Mom wouldnt even speak to me. Joe & I moved several car loads of stuff to our new home today. I think we'll like it fine.

Feb. 25
Tues - We got most of our stuff moved today and ate supper to ourselves tonite. Sure seems good to be by ourselves. It turned lots colder this evening.

Feb. 26
Wed - Walter Leach has sure been nice to us kids helping us; Ab helped Joe this a.m.
Didn't go to Priscilla's shower but took gift. Joe went to work after dinner, but came home about seven & said he was sick.

Feb. 27
Thurs - Joe was sick all nite & went back to bed this morning. Helen came in & said she had been sick & so had Snooky. Guess its the flu. Awfully tired tonight, trying to get straightened up

Feb. 28
Fri - We missed the S.S. party tonite. Joe felt so bad & was all broken out. I called the Humphreys & he confirmed our suspicions that is was measles. Where he got them, we dont know. I let Putch out for the 1st time this a.m. & he wandered away.

Well, that was quite a week in my grandmother's life. Suddenly moving out of her mother's place and then her husband getting the measles right afterward had to have been rough, especially after being ill around her birthday. I wonder what the fight was about?

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